Germany is the type of rival that makes players grow: Jaime Lozano | Video

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Jaime Lozano, technician of the The Mexican Futbol selection, celebrated this Monday playing against Agermany on October 17 at FIFA date because it is a world power with which its players can grow.

At a press conference, Lozano Espin He noted in this regard:

It is a power (Germany), one of the strongest teams and we will have to play practically perfect; We already beat them in a World Cup and if we want to make history in our World Cup we must face rivals like those in preparation games.

Mexico will play on October 13 in Charlotte against Ghana and four days later he will face Philadelphia to Germany in a couple of friendlies, as part of the tour that El Tri does every year in the United States with the aim of making a lot of money and sometimes, like now, facing high-level opponents.

The national strategist said that that match against Germany It is the one that everyone wants to play and will help in the growth of the group, main objective of the friendlies.

When referring to Ghanathe technician recalled that it is a team well equipped technically and with physical strengthagainst which the Mexicans will have to do everything well if they want to win.

“We must maintain control of the ball, be attentive to transitions and “seek not to be surpassed in individual duels”said.

Lush He was confirmed as coach after winning the gold Cup and when referring to the upcoming games he announced the presence of the striker in the squad. Hirving Lozano, of PSV Eindhoven.

There is the possibility of bringing him, who can bring joy to his country again. Let's hope that everything these days goes well so that he can come.

Mexico prepares for the World Cup 2026of which it will be one of the venues, with a combination of experienced and young players.

Lozano explained that the Colombian Julian Quiñonesin the process of becoming Mexican naturalized, not yet eligible and he hinted that he has it in plans for his team, like Marcel Ruiz from Toluca, who at 22 years old is going through a sporting moment.

I know Marcel well; He was in the Olympic process and came close to joining the team in the Tokyo 2020 Games; He is the player who best understands football in our league.

(With information from EFE)

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