Gerard Piqué's family urges Shakira to go to Miami: "The children are in a very ugly situation"

The drama between Shakira and Gerard Piqué It is still latent and has spread to the footballer's family. And it is that according to several Spanish media, The Colombian's move to Miami would be an event that the soccer star's loved ones look forward to.

She has wanted to leave for a long time and she has not left because of her father, but Piqué and his family also want her to arrive now. They have psyched themselves up, they are clear that this is going to happen and they have the capacity to travel to Miami to see these children”, said the journalist Sandra Aladro in this regard in 'El programa de Ana Rosa'.

As for the reason, the communicator stated that it is about the bad relationship that Shakira and Piqué have had for a few months, which is beginning to take its toll on their children Sasha and Milan. Apparently, the distance between the ex couple would be the best remedy for this situation.

“The relationship and the tension is such that They believe that the best remedy is that the sooner the transfer arrives, the better for everyone... now the children are in a very ugly situation,” added Aladro.

Everything seems to indicate that this measure is getting closer to arriving, since 'El Periódico' assured that “the singer plans to move to the US city on April 1 to take advantage of the school vacations that American students have during those days. The singer plans to move to the American city on April 1 to take advantage of the school holidays that American students have during those days.

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