Gerard Pique would have been the victim of an obscene

Gerard Piqué would have been the victim of an obscene gesture by Shakira during the game of one of his children (Video)

Gerard Piqué with his two sons in his last game as a professional player.

Photo: Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Gerard Piqué and Shakira are back in the news after reaching an agreement on the custody of their children. The former player and the singer coincided in a baseball game of their son Milan and apparently, the Colombian would have made an obscene gesture against her ex-partner.

According to the information and images broadcast by the Socialité program, Piqué and the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ saw each other on Saturday during the meeting, but they kept their distance and did not exchange a word. However, Shakira would have made an obscene gesture against the Catalan by showing him the middle finger, something known in Spain as ‘Peineta’.

In the video you can see that the singer raises her hand and begins to subtly scratch one of her eyes with her middle finger while her fist is practically closed, making a kind of “Comb”. Although it is unknown if it was an involuntary gesture or with a double intention.

This fact caused a stir because the Colombian did it always looking straight ahead, right in the direction where Piqué’s stands were located.

“I just saw the comb, but logically Shakira was looking towards the stands where Piqué was, so there is no doubt that it was directed at him. I very much doubt that she was addressed to the press, as some believe, because she has always been very kind to the press, ”says journalist Marc Leirado, a witness to the meeting.

The now 35-year-old former player has had a busy few months after his separation with the New Granada with whom he was able to reach an agreement for the custody of his children after a legal battle that ended with the singer being able to fulfill his desire to live in Miami with Milan and Sasha.

Gerard also caused a stir after unexpectedly announcing his retirement as a professional player and playing his last match before the break for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Another topic that has had him on everyone’s lips has been the public appearances and demonstrations of love with his new couple Clara Chía Martí.

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