Gerard Piqué rises spectacular fall in the Kings League Americas

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Since he didn't see "Clearly" the end of the stage until “Piqué went down", are some of the comments to refer to the spectacular fall of Gerard Piqué during the presentation of the tournament Kings League Americas.

The former footballer Barcelona He attracted the spotlight after when approaching a child to sign his shirt, Piqué became careless and fell into the void.

"Evidently the video shows that Gerard was not completely focused on what he was doing and when he was heading towards his fan he fell from the stage, and was not able to reach his fan," he posted. ABC News.

The reaction of the staff staff It was immediate, but the former was not spared from the blow. Shakira… When they realized that there was nothing serious, they allowed him to give some autographs.

Moments later, the 36-year-old former player was seen walking out, leaving everything alone in a small scare.

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Gerard Piqué is in Mexico promoting the project Kings League Americasthe competition with which the former soccer player triumphs on the internet, things cannot stop happening.

As Excelsior Digital I told you, the Kings League offers you a carousel of stimuli that is broadcast every Sunday from a pavilion in the port area of ​​Barcelona, ​​with a small capacity for guests, but accessible to everyone through the live video platform Twitch.

Piqué has been very skillful in creating this new experience here, which is unique, but which connects with others at an international level that are committed to sport as a spectacle to attract a new type of spectators," said Xavier Ramon, professor of Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona, ​​in reference to some American competitions.

Despite its initial success, since Kings League They claim to be no threat to the classic model.

We have never considered it as something that aims to compete with traditional soccer (...), a sport that is the largest in the world," says Querol. "What we come to is to add, not to compete against anyone," he added.

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