Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would already have a date for their wedding, according to Mhoni Vidente

Gerard Piqué / Mhoni Vidente | Getty Images

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Speculation continues about the future of the relationship between the footballer Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia now that Shakira has decided to say goodbye to Spain and start her way to Miami. In an attempt to clarify this situation, Mhoni Vidente revealed what awaits the couple and even predicted a marriage that could be a hard blow for the Colombian singer. Here we tell you the details!

It was during her well-known weekly reading that the Cuban fortune teller spoke about the turn of events that took the lives of the Colombian and the soccer player after signing a joint custody agreement for their children.

In this regard, he indicated that Gerard Piqué has already completely released his ex-partner and is now focusing his love on Clara Chía Marti, the 23-year-old girl with whom he has a courtship that has remained under the spotlight.

“The letter from the star and the crazy one comes out, he is already preparing a wedding, with his parents, friends from Barcelona and he has already marked a distance with Shakira, but not with his children,” said Mhoni Videntand.

In fact, the couple would already have the date of their marriage and this would be closer than what the public expects. In reading it, the famous woman dropped the bomb on what would be the controversial wedding and pointed out that it would be a very painful moment for Shakira.

“Piqué is going to be a father with Clara Chía and he gets married on February 2, 2021 and the story is over”, sentenced the pythoness. But why this date? According to Mhoni Vidente, the former soccer player would be celebrating twice, since on February 2 he will celebrate his 36th birthday.

However, his ex-partner and the mother of his children also have a birthday on this day.. In his case it is the celebration of his 45 years; the composer and dancer was born in 1977 and the former defender of FC Barcelona in 1987, taking 10 years apart.

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