George RR Martín sues ChatGPT for plagiarism

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The famous novelist George RR Martín, author of Game of Thrones, sued the company OpenAI, creator of the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, for violating their copyright.

Seventeen more authors joined George RR Martín's lawsuit, including John Grisman (The Pelican report) and Elin Hilderbrand (The umbrella shop), both also best-selling writers.

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The lawsuit was filed in the courts of the Southern District of New York. The three novelists argued that OpenAI integrated some of the content of their books into the “language models” that its artificial intelligence uses to generate content with ChatGPT.

George RR Martín explained that Internet users have used ChatGPT to create prequels and sequels to his bookswithout any type of consent.

In the United States the issue had already been discussed recently. Just in mid-August, Judge Beryl Howell issued a ruling stating that artificial intelligence could not have copyright, since the creations obtained from them are derived “from the nexus between the human mind and creative expression.”

In the statement that the authors issued when announcing the lawsuit, they defined what OpenAI does as “systematic theft on a large scale.”

They spit out works that imitate, summarize or paraphrase the plaintiffs' works and damage their chances in the market," the statement states.

Millionaire demand

The authors who sued OpenAI claim that “artificial intelligence companies could not have functional models without the authors' work.”

They warned that the language models used by artificial intelligence companies “They are becoming engines of their own destruction.”

Thus, the lawsuit they have filed demands compensation of 150 thousand dollars (a little more than 2 and a half million pesos) in damages for each work used.

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The plaintiff writers assure that their only intention is that artificial intelligence chatbots cannot use copyrighted works without express consent.

Previously companies like OpenAI and Meta have defended themselves against these types of accusations saying that their artificial intelligences plagiarize the authors, but rather they rely on them to generate their own content.


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