Gennaro Gattuso takes the reins of Olympique de Marseille | Tweet

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Olympique de Marseille is pleased to announce the appointment of Gennaro Gattuso as first team coach“, the club announced this Wednesday on its official website.

Gattuso He showed his joy at arriving at the club from the southeast of France and declared that can't wait to start working:

I am very happy and proud to join Olympique de Marseille. A club and a stadium, the Vélodrome d'Orange, where I had the opportunity to evolve as a player, famous throughout Europe for the passion and fervor that emanates from it. I can't wait to start working with my new group and take on the next challenges ahead.

This decision comes in a period of crisis, since last Thursday, Pablo Longoria, president of the OM, revealed in an interview for the newspaper Provence the context of conflict with the club's ultraswho They insulted and threatened to the members of the technical and management team.

After this meeting, Marcellin He resigned from his position considering that the situation was unmanageable; Besides, the humiliating defeat against PSG (4-0) this Sunday further aggravated the crisis in the Marseille club.

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According to rumors, Christophe Galtierformer PSG coach, he would take Marcellin's place; However, the strategist Italian assumed the responsibility of redirecting the OM.

Gattuso, world champion with Italy (2006) and double European champion with the AC Milan (2003 and 2007), he began his career as a coach in 2013 in Swiss and Italian clubs, but with short stays.

Known for his strong character and a very demanding personality, Gattuso was always involved in clubs in the role of “firefighter”where presidents trusted their ability to manage difficulty. The Italian had his first prestigious experiences from 2017, when he directed the AC Milan, club of his life. He almost managed to qualify the Lombard team in the Champions League.

In 2019 he trained the Naples, answering the call of despair Aurelio De Laurentiisowner of the club, who contacted him after a players' strike. The character of “Rino” It allowed the group to be channeled and reestablish strong bases.

On the pertenopei bench, club and city often compared to MarseilleGattuso won the Italian Cup 2020, his first and only trophy as a coach. He was later a strategist for Valencia, with whom he ended his contract last January.

The new technical director directed this Wednesday his first training, with an hour of intensive exercises. Shortly before, he spoke to the players about him, in Italian and Spanish. He was concise, explaining to them that “what they do with their free time did not interest him.” He told them that he wanted to see them "ready to die on the field“.

Rino led the first training session this Wednesday and asked his players for total dedication.

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