General Secretary of FIFA, on Rubiales' kiss: "What happened in Australia should not be repeated"

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The Secretary General of FIFA, Fatma Samourastated this Wednesday in Seville that “what happened in Australia should not be repeated,” in reference to the kiss on the mouth of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Luis Rubialesto Jenni Hermoso in the celebration of the title won by Spain in the Women's World Cup.

Fatma Samoura.

Samoura, a Senegalese FIFA leader who participated in a panel at the 'World Football Summit 2023', regretted that, due to Rubiales' attitude, “something that should have been a day of celebration became a tragedy for football” and stressed:

Women deserve to be respected in sport and, in general, in society, and these issues should not occur.

For the general secretary of FIFA, “sometimes” women “have to face this type of discrimination that should not happen,” since soccer matches are organized “to give joy and happiness to the players, first, to the country.” which wins, later, and the world 'fans', in third place, but what happened in Australia should not be repeated."

As soccer leaders we have to observe certain behaviors and respect the players. And they made it clear. Just a month has passed since the victory and the headlines have never been about the celebration, but rather about what happened that day at the medal ceremony.

Samoura highlighted that for two years he “witnessed the organization of that World Cup” in Australia and New Zealand, from July 20 to August 20, and could not hide his “happiness at seeing the success and celebration of the Spanish women's team.” , so she regretted that she was “tarnished by that kiss.”

The general secretary of the highest world football body was “very happy” that “an agreement” had been reached between the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the RFEF and the Spanish players to try to unblock the situation that had been created. in the selection.

Samoura considered that this “nightmare” prevented “everyone from being able to celebrate this historic victory of the Spanish national team.”

(With information from EFE)

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