Gatell: bad joke or bad jurisdiction? 2023/09/23

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Hugo López-Gatell has once again managed to leave us all speechless by announcing his interest in seeking Morena's candidacy for the Head of Government of Mexico City. As if there hadn't been enough controversy when she passed through the Undersecretary of Health!

López-Gatell, who became a widely known figure during the pandemic for his evidently failed statements and strategies, has left more than one scratching their heads at his unexpected act of daring. What could he offer as head of government of the country's capital, when his performance as undersecretary was the subject of harsh criticism and surrounded by scandals?

Let us remember that López-Gatell He was singled out for minimizing the severity of the pandemic, promoting false and contradictory speeches, in addition to not taking truly efficient actions to contain the virus. Furthermore, his claim that he had “overcome” Covid-19 with mild symptoms left many wondering if he was truly aware of the reality facing millions of Mexicans.

What would be your plan for Mexico City? Continue minimizing the problems, making irresponsible decisions and offering meaningless speeches to Mexicans? Leave more children without their vaccination record? No cancer treatments?

Maybe López-Gatell He is convinced that his experience as Undersecretary of Health is enough to lead one of the most complex and challenging metropolises in the country. Or maybe he's just looking for a change of scenery and a position that he thinks he can aspire to because someone made him. stickers during the pandemic. Or... just run in a hurry for constitutional jurisdiction. Because, even if he loses resoundingly against Omar García Harfuch (who widely leads the polls) or even against Clara Brugada, Gatell He will extend his charred hand so that Morena will give him his consolation prize for participating and his shield for all the negligence or outright crimes for which he is already being investigated.

It is worth mentioning that Morena, the party that López-Gatell seeks to represent, has been the government in Mexico City since 2018. In this time, the capital has faced multiple problems, from insecurity to the deterioration of infrastructure and the lack of effective response to the pandemic. Would it really be López-Gatell the answer the city needs? It feels Gatell also a vector of moral force? Will you ask the President for some “little miracles”? Will it flatten the curve of his disrepute? Or will it generate a pandemic of disqualifying tweets – as its bot farms often do – to try to discredit anyone who questions it?

In conclusion, the announcement of Hugo López-Gatell seeking Morena's candidacy for the Head of Government of Mexico City is an example of how unpredictable Mexican politics can be. After his controversy-filled performance as Undersecretary of Health, it is ironic that he now seeks to lead a city with so many challenges and needs. Citizens will have to evaluate if it is a joke and if Morena is going to give it to Gatell that letter of impunity known as jurisdiction and to which “those from before” resorted so much...

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