Gasoline pipeline explosion in Venezuela leaves three injured | News


The explosion of a gasoline pipeline in the Simón Bolívar municipality, located in the Anzoátegui state, in eastern Venezuela, left three people injured, the Civil Protection office reported Tuesday night.


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In a statement, Civil Protection reported that it received a report of an outbreak in “a possible pipeline, in the Pica de Neverí sector, Bolívar municipality of Anzoátegui state,” for which personnel specialized in handling chemical products came to the site.

“So far three injured have been reported,” said the entity, adding that elements of the Risk Management System of the Ministry of the Interior are investigating the causes of the fire.

The governor of Anzoátegui state, Luis Marcano, detailed in his official Twitter account that the “strong explosion in a fuel pipeline” occurred at the height of the Naricual bridge, Simón Bolívar municipality.

“It is presumed that (the blast was) the result of attempts to drill the pipe. Citizen protection and security organizations already mobilized to the site ”, mentioned the governor.

The mayor of the Simón Bolívar municipality, Sugey Herrera, reported on Twitter that she was preparing to go to the scene of the fire.

“On the site are the firefighters, state security forces and the Simón Bolívar municipality. The fire is being controlled ”; the municipal official said.

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