Gareth Bale assures that Messi is going to have fun at Inter Miami but detracts from MLS: "There are no consequences if you lose"

Messi celebrates a goal near Gareth Bale at the time when both wore the uniforms of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo/Getty Images

Gareth Bale celebrated the arrival of Lionel Messi to the MLS by the hand of Inter Miami also assured that the world soccer star was going to have fun, however he left a sentence that could be somewhat detracting from the American league. The former Real Madrid, Tottenham and LAFC, assured that in case of defeat there is no type of consequence.

It's much calmer because, for example, if you lose at Real Madrid, they crucify you, you go home and you're not happy. On the other hand, in the MLS, they accept a defeat more. There are no consequences if you lose and cannot be relegated from the team“Said the former Welsh footballer in statements to BT Sports.

In addition to these claims, Gareth Bale added fuel to the fire and assured that in the MLS they celebrated each victory as if it were a championship final. The statements were made by the nickname "Cardiff Train" without any malicious intent and spontaneously as has been characterized in his career, but they could sound offensive within the MLS environment.

Similarly, Bale was a trend in that same interview, after assuring that the best player to have played in the Champions League had been Lionel Messisomething that did not go down well with Real Madrid, who expected him to mention the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, legend of the Merengue team and eternal rival of the Argentine star in recent times.

After his retirement from soccer, Gareth Bale has uploaded a large number of videos playing golf, his second passion after football and for which he was so criticized in the middle of his sports career. There was also the possibility of him returning as a player on the team owned by Deadpool star Ryan Reinolds, a rumor that was quickly debunked.

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