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He is the sensational coach of Mexican soccer. We knew about him because of his Olympic medal with Brazil and then because of a good job in San Luis.

America was left without a coach due to the resignation of Tano Ortiz and they immediately thought of him, although he was not the only candidate.

The board analyzed several profiles and promoters poured in offering their representatives. In the end they decided to André Jardine.

And it turned out that the Carioca became an idol of his followers and now they want to renew him for many years. garden He will be in America as long as he wants, although he must understand that, if they are not champions, they will have failed.

garden He doesn't look like America's coach. He dresses in the team's sports gear and is friendly to the press.

garden He says things straight up and doesn't evade any questions.

garden He is frontal with his players, who know that they have to compete during the week in training if they want to start the games.

garden wins, even if they play badly, like in their last presentation in San Luis.

garden He is having fun and it shows in the way he proceeds.

garden It's not that he has a great personality, but he does have a special spark.

Is André Jardine a man who never dreamed of having the season they are having. They lost on the first date and then never again.

He has already secured the general leadership with two dates left and makes Americanism excited with title 14.

He strives to speak Spanish better every day and it is simple. Something that the América coach normally does not have. If they rush me, it even goes down well.

América won the lottery with the Brazilian. Everything goes well and he sees that he has had serious injuries.

Diego Valdes, Julian Quiñones and Brian Rodriguez They have had serious physical problems.

In addition, it gave confidence to the young man Juarez and now he is the undisputed starter in defense.

The truly important part of the Mexican tournament is coming, which are the finals. Unfair or not, there we will see the real America fighting for the title.

And with a technician like garden They are closer to achieving it.

What a great revelation it was for Santiago Baños and Héctor González Iñárritu the current strategist of America.

Is called Andre and his last name garden.

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