Garbage collection continues Paris Police

Garbage collection continues: Paris Police

The Prefecture of the paris police showed this Saturday in a video that the collection of garbage by government imposition continues in the city, despite the fact that it is still thousands of tons of waste They accumulate on a large part of the sidewalks.

“Impositions implemented by the Prefect of Police: the collection and treatment of garbage continue,” said the Prefecture, an agency under the Ministry of the Interior, in a statement published on networks.

The ad was posted alongside a short video showing waste collection trucks leaving a large hangar.

The cleaning services from Paris have more than ten days in strike to protest against pension reform of the Government of Emmanuel Macron, which includes an increase in the age of retirement from 62 to 64 years of age and which was approved by decree and no vote in the Assembly last Thursday.

The strikes affect above all the neighborhoods that do not have privatized garbage collection.

Photo via Twitter

The French Executive announced on Friday the imposition of the return to work of certain strikers, alleging that this strike is a risk to the health of Parisians.

However, the execution of this order slowed down because the mayoress of the city, the socialist and opposition to Macron Anne Hidalgo, denied to cooperate with the instruction, in solidarity with the strike of their own employees.

One of the neighborhood mayors most critical of Hidalgo’s attitude towards the strike, the conservative Geoffroy Boulard (XVII district), told the BFMTV channel that the imposition decreed by the government is a step forwardalthough he asked for time to see the effects of it.

This morning, a good part of the Parisians found themselves again with mountains of uncollected rubbish.