Games in Windows 11: Microsoft is working on an update to make them flow better

Microsoft announced a new update for Windows 11 that will help improve computer performance by reducing video game load times by up to 50%.

This update also reduces the workload of the processor so that the user can experience a noticeable improvement when playing their favorite video games, since they can have a much higher performance.

This is possible thanks to DirectStorage technology, which although available since March, has now been updated to version 1.1. This allows shaders, that is, the programs in charge of lighting video games, to directly access the NVMe SSD without having to go through the processor. In this way, the work of the processor is reduced and the loading of video games is accelerated thanks to the fact that these are handled directly by the computer's graphics card.

To demonstrate the improvement that can be achieved with DirectStorage 1.1, Microsoft published a comparison in which it can be seen that previously loading 5.56 GB of resources for a video game took 2.36 seconds, all this with the processor at 100% capacity.

As opposed a computer that has DirectStorage 1.1 only takes 0.8 seconds to load the same amount of resources while the processor works at 15% of its capacity.

A side effect of these improvements is that the power consumption and temperature of the processor are decreased, which also helps to extend its useful life, by allowing it to be used with less intensity.

It should be noted that DirectStorage 1.1 is available for developers. This program is compatible with the drivers of the three main graphics card manufacturers such as NVIDIA, AMD and Intel.

However, the program is also available to casual gamers who only must comply with the requirement to keep your video card drivers up to date. Otherwise, it is likely that the system will not be able to use the performance enhancement and therefore continue to force the use of the computer's CPU.

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