Gálvez regrets that an agreement with the US for migrants is not promoted

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Xóchitl Gálvez, representative of the Frente Amplio Por México, regretted that our country does not promote an economic agreement with USA to address the migration phenomenon, a serious problem.

During an interview, within the framework of his visit to the neighboring country, he recalled that in recent days they have witnessed people of different nationalities, who try everything in order to reach the American dream.

"We have seen tremendous scenes on the trains from the southeast to the north of the country, they had to stop at railway companies because the risk of human lives that were being lost was already impossible, the conditions, we have not made an agreement with the United States so that this agreement that Mexico made to care for South Americans, Central Americans in Mexico, who are thousands in Tijuana, thousands in Ciudad Juárez, thousands in Reynosa, there is no economic agreement," he said.

For the legislator, this issue has already gone beyond Mexico and proof of this is that migrants live in "subhuman conditions" in Mexican territory, "that is, Mexico cannot treat migrants badly even if they come in transit and because they are deporting us here." massively, not only to Mexicans, but to Central Americans, Venezuelans, Cubans, africans and Mexico is not having the conditions to receive them," he said.

Gálvez also spoke out in favor of ending hate speech towards migrants, since this sector of the population has been fundamental during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. covid.

"Because hate is not only in Mexico, I see hate in many people, saying well, racism, discrimination, xenophobia, He who comes from outside feels like he is coming to take things away from you, but rather he is coming to help you," he mentioned.


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