Galilea Montijo stole the camera in 'Who is the Mask?' with a tight dress

As usual, the Mexican driver Galilee Montijo He left viewers speechless thanks to the most recent outfit he wore for the broadcast of the program 'Who is the Mask?'because he looked more jovial and sexy than ever.

Like every week, the presenter of the "Hoy" program joined Carlos Rivera, Yuri and Juanpa Zurita to discover the celebrities behind the mask. And although this last broadcast was full of surprises, The reality is that the woman from Guadalajara stole the show with the look she presented.

And it is that Galilea Montijo wore a blue mini dress that conformed to her silhouette and highlighted the attributes she has. Of course, her outfit gave her a little help thanks to the strategic openings that she had in her waist area.

As for makeup and hairstyle, the famous opted for an eighties style that allowed her to keep her brown hair resting on her shoulders while two diamond brooches perched on the top.

At the same time, a red lipstick and cat eyeliner were added to the details that made her look one of the most talked about of the night. However, this is nothing new for 'La Gali', as week after week it gives away iconic fashion moments.

It has been through her Instagram account that the former beauty queen undertook the task of keeping her fans up to date about her work projects and the occasional getaway with friends, where impact outfits are also added.

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