Galilea Montijo explodes against youtuber Superholly for "criticizing" Yalitza Aparicio's English

Galilee Montijo / Yalitza Aparicio.

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After the youtuber Superholly will analyze the English pronunciation of Yalitza Aparicio, Galilea Montijo He came out in defense of the Oscar nominee, emphasizing that everyone is free to speak as they want, for which he even joked, giving as an example the way she expresses herself when she travels to the United States.

It was during a segment of the "Hoy" program, where the host reacted with annoyance to the criticism made by the influencer a few weeks ago, when she exposed the native of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, assuring that her accent "sounds like someone who is reading in English“, although in reality he never spoke ill of the Mexican.

But nevertheless, Gali threw herself against Superholly, who has gained popularity for analyzing the correct pronunciation of the English language, as well as sharing tutorials and tips to improve the language itself.

“Is she Venezuelan, was she born in Mexico and teaches English?… was born Venezuela, lives in Mexico and teaches EnglishMontijo said.

Immediately, he sent a message to the famous youtuber, assuring that he does not care about the criticism he makes of celebrities.

"Superholly: the day you have Yalitza's wool, Sofia Vergara's and all those you criticize in your account, then we'll talk baby, while you know what: I don't care (I don't care)."

Galilea Montijo

In addition, the actress also gave as an example the way she expresses herself when she travels to the United States, since she considers that it is enough to know the basic words.

You know what? The important thing is when I go to the United States, they understand me.. I don't get lost. I know the basics and to send them on tiptoe... it works out perfect for me“, he added.

After joking about his pronunciation in English, Galilea recalled that the success of Latinos in the United States has been their pronunciation, specifically mentioning Salma Hayek, who believes that she must stop a perfect pronunciation, but her humility is what led her to become one of the most important celebrities today.

The same Salma, who I assure you must speak perfect French and perfect English, but does not lose her essence“, pointed out the Jalisco.

Conversely, Yalitza Aparicio once again thanked Superholly's video, noting that it seems like a great idea that someone dares to share some secrets of the English language that are not always learned at school.

“Not at all (it bothered him), I saw your video and it was amazing. The truth is that I admire her a lot and that's why I said there that I still take classes with her... Who doesn't follow her? It is incredible that someone like this shares everything he knows so that one can learn“, he responded during a recent meeting with the media.

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