GAC Space Concept, a futuristic minivan


Guangzhou Auto Group unveiled the GAC Space Concept, an autonomous concept VMP powered by hydrogen. Its most prominent features are a retractable steering wheel and a front end that is basically just a continuous grill below the a single LED headlight at its front. The grill is so big that it makes any Recent BMW looks modest.

Chinese car design is often criticized for being a copy, but the GAC Space Concepyou takes a completely different approach. This is the logical conclusion of a trend that BMW, Lexus and General Motors have perpetuated and tried to popularize in recent model designs .

The designers claim that they envisioned the GAC Space as an autonomous vehicle with level 4 automation. It is for this reason that it has a retractable steering wheel and front seats that swivel backwards. The driver and front passenger could be disconnected as public transport users have been doing for a long time.

There’s also a “tea time” feature that opens the tailgate and automatically unfolds or ejects a seat from the cargo area. Passengers can then sit under the shade of the tailgate in the most elegant configuration ever.

According to the report, the GAC Space Concept would be powered by a fuel cell engine. hydrogen fuel with a range of over 400 miles per tank. The drivetrain could produce 180 horsepower.

The side profile and rear three-quarter view are the best angles in the design. But it’s that horrible grill that spoils everything. The designers of GAC apparently they didn’t think it was enough, as they added LED backlighting to highlight the front.

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