Gaby Spanic remembers when her assistant tried to poison her with her son


Gaby Spanic has gone through complicated situations throughout her life, that is why she is willing to reveal the whole truth of what she lived through an autobiographical book, where she will touch on painful episodes that have marked her life, one of them the poisoning he suffered with his sonAnd it nearly cost them their lives.

This was revealed by the actress during an interview with Univision’s ‘Despierta América’ program, where she announced that she would soon tell the story of her life in the book “Enigmas and reflections“, where she will share the overwhelming evidence of the experiences that have hurt her.

There are many Gabrielas in the world who have gone through this, who have been persecuted and many things have gone unpunished.“, said.

After the statements in which many things have been said about her that are false, she confesses that she is renewed, full and grateful for life, for which she is prepared to talk about all the difficult moments she has gone through, such as when his own assistant gave him poison along with his son, who came to think that his small organs would not endure and he would die.

When they poisoned us and I saw my little two-year-old son poisoned toon, and I inflated like a balloon and I had to go to work and that people made fun of this“, he narrated.

In his autobiographical work he also intends to talk about other situations that, more than soap operas, he confesses seem to be taken from a horror movie, because in the pages of his book there will be nothing worse than what has already been said about it.

In addition to the persecution and threats she had to face, she is also willing to tell about when she had to work as a cook because she was considered an actress in decline, so the doors of acting were closed to her.

Work dignifies and there are so many cooks in the world, I also cooked, I sold my best dishes, I made a wonderful book of recipes and I did so many things that Gabriela never thought of doing“, he recalled.

The launch of her book comes after the victory she obtained in the Mexican courts, where she faced the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who, according to the same television star, has tried for many years to expose her as a crazy woman. , of little dignity and lack of talent, with the purpose of ruining her as an actress and a woman.

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