Futuristic and enigmatic: GAC TIME Concept


Little by little, the firm GAC gives us more details about the TIME Concept, a sedan container prototype full of technological advances.

When it comes to Concept, the GAC TIME seeks to attract attention with a distinctive stamp promoted by this Chinese company that seeks to impose its style for the models that are coming.

Of course, this prototype draws attention for its futuristic-style sedan body with its rounded shapes and an unconventional proposal.

A short hood connected to the sloping windshield and a drop in the roof have been chosen, which imposes an unparalleled aesthetic.

Separate paragraph in GAC TIME Concept they deserve their LED headlights both front (saw motif) and rear. Likewise, its aerodynamic wheels make up another of the most particular details.

On the other hand, its body at first glance finds similarities with the Mercedes-Benz EQS or the Hyundai Prophecy, with an imprint that seeks to impose itself more and more on different products.

Like most prototypes the GAC TIME Concept has revealed its minimalist interior with a state-of-the-art cabin. The driving position comes out of the known parameters in addition to a steering wheel without the upper frame and its floating multifunction screen stands out in the center.

There is still no concrete information about the mechanics, but it has been announced that it will have a level 4 regarding autonomous driving. This would be accomplished thanks to the sensors and cameras installed for the task.

The GAC TIME Concept little by little it gives more indications to know it little by little before it can become a production vehicle in the future.

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