Funeral held for Anadith Reyes, a migrant girl who died in Border Patrol custody in Texas

Funeral of Anadith Reyes Alvarez.

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the funeral of Anadith Danay Reyes Alvarez, 8, who died in Border Patrol custody, started on the bronx, New York, where dozens of people came to say goodbye to her and accompany her parents to say goodbye.

To the RG Ortiz Funeral Home Dozens of people came to offer their condolences to Mabel Alvarez Benedicks and Rossel Reyes, Anadith's parents.

The place was decoratedor with colored balloons with the image of Minnie Mousewhere there were also various arrangements with white and pink flowers.

The girl died in Border Patrol custody.

Anadith Reyes died on May 17 while she and her family were in Border Patrol custody in Harlingen, Texas. The minor had a history of heart problems and sickle cell anemia, according to what was published by the AP agency.

The family of the minor, originally from Panama, turned themselves in to the Border Patrol in early May, after cross the Rio Grandeafter his journey through Central America and Mexico.

The Reyes Álvarez migrated to the United States to seek medical help for their daughter Anadith, They intended to reach New York, but their plans did not turn out as they thought, since tragedy reached them when they were in a Border Patrol detention station.

Mother of minor alerted about her daughter's condition

And it is that according to the statements of Mabel Álvarez, mother of Anadith, her daughter tested positive for influenza and before the suffering of the minorthe woman alerted immigration agents to her daughter's situation, but says they ignored her and refused to review her medical history.

The health of the minor began to deteriorate and despite the mother's pleas, the medical personnel never called an ambulance to transfer the minor to a hospital and receive medical attention, the official report highlights.

Anadith Reyes Álvarez suffered stomach pains, nausea, had trouble breathing and the temperature reached 40.5 degrees Celsius (about 104.9 degrees Fahrenheit).

Without the medical attention requested by her mother, the minor Anadith died in the facilities of the border patrol detention center in Harlingen, Texas.

A preliminary report from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Professional Responsibility noted that medical personnel refused to review the minor's medical file.

The child was not taken to a hospital.

"Despite the girl's health problems, her mother's concerns, and the series of treatments required to address her state of health, the contracted medical personnel did not transfer her to a hospital for more specialized care."specifies the report of the Office of Professional Responsibility.

Given the commotion caused by the case, the victim's parents have received support from pro-immigrant organizations such as the Texas Civil Rights Project and the Haitian Bridge Alliance, whose lawyers demand an independent autopsy to determine the cause of death of Anadith Reyes Álvarez.

the body of Anadith will be buried in a cemetery located in New Jersey.

After the death of the Hispanic immigrant, the CBP appointed Dr. David Tarantino as the new medical director.

For Dr. Paul H. Wise, professor of pediatrics at Stanford University, said that Anadith's death could be "preventable" since the girl's medical history was reported.

"Any children who are sick, but particularly children with chronic illnesses, there should be little hesitation in sending them to a local hostel, preferably (it is better to send them to) a children's hospital or a hospital with good pediatric capabilities," he said. Wise.

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