Fundación Los Niños de María, Inc gives away food baskets on Thanksgiving

Fundación Los Niños de María, Inc gives away food baskets
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As it has been doing year after year since 1987, The Children of María Foundation, Inc., requests the support of the entire community to carry out its distribution of “Thanksgiving food baskets.”

Some friends and businessmen have already said present, sending their tax-free donation and many others have the good intention of doing so, to join this crusade of love and selflessness, which has been shown by Rhadamés Avila, her volunteers and the Foundation, who for almost For 4 decades they have taken advantage of these end-of-year holidays to reach the families most in need with a show of solidarity.

In the 80s, when Radio Borinquen AM 90 existed, the baskets were delivered at Christmas time, then, and since the 90s, the same basket delivery has been carried out but for Thanksgiving dinner, reaching more families and as always obtaining the unconditional support of DMV businessmen.

On this occasion, “thanksgiving food baskets” will be delivered on November 21 and 22, respectively, in the following places, and to families who have been registered for this purpose, these are the addresses to receive the baskets:

TUESDAY 21 Martha Garcia , M&G Tag and Title 3018 Hamilton Street Hyattsville, MD 20782.

Omar Reyes Early Childhood Education DivisionOffice of Elementary Schools District of Columbia Public Schools

1720 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20002

Natasha Griffith Dorothy I. Height Elementary School 1300 Allison Street, NW Washington, DC 20011

WEDNESDAY 22 English learners – adults Willston Multicultural Center 6131 Willston Drive Falls Church, VA 22044

The human factory that buys, packs and distributes the baskets is immersed in an accelerated work schedule to ensure that these foods reach the hands of those families on time who also deserve to enjoy a decent dinner on this important date.

The Los Niño de María Foundation, Inc., once again thanks all the business owners and families who have already sent their tax-free donation and extends the call to those who have not yet done so to please show solidarity with this cause and Let us continue to show our vocation of service to our brothers at the DMV. Info and Zelle: 202-352-0286

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