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The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the World Economic Forum reported this Tuesday that they will work together to achieve a greater reduction in plastic pollution in Mexico City, through strategies that promote the reuse of packaging in markets and centers. commercial.


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In this sense, the international organizations specified that the alliance will be in conjunction with Algramo, a social entrepreneurship company awarded for its consumption model, in addition to collaborating with large international companies.

Likewise, the WWF specified that the joint campaign of the three organizations is led by the Association for Green Growth and the Global Objectives 2030 (P4G), which promotes the work and the foundation of both public and private associations, which promote a sustainable economic growth.

As for the company Algramo, it is a world reference since it uses intelligent plastic products with the ability to record the life cycle of the material; in addition to a space in the market dedicated to repackaging detergents, shampoos, dry foods and others.

Thus, in certain supermarkets in Mexico City, during the second quarter of this year, a pilot will be installed with deployed dispensers, which will reduce the manufacture of plastic products; in addition to benefiting consumers.

“From WWF we are very happy to have the support of P4G to be able to strengthen this association with the World Economic Forum and Algramo, and thus contribute to the fulfillment of our great global objective of completely stopping the flow of plastic that enters nature for the year 2030”, said the General Director of WWF Mexico, Jorge Rickards.

It should be noted that pollution by plastic materials is the cause of a great global environmental crisis; in addition to generating a plastic economy where 95 percent of the added value of products is lost after their first and only use.

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