front will drive someone with ties to crime

front will drive someone with ties to crime
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After the appointment of the PAN member, SAntiago Taboada, as the only candidate of the Frente Amplio Por México for the Head of Government of Mexico City, the also candidate, Adrian Rubalcava, announced that he is leaving the PRI and the opposition alliance.

He said that, even though he was leading in the polls, The national leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD in a cupular agreement preferred Taboada and they discarded the selection method established by themselves.

The mayor of Cuajimalpa on temporary license accused the national president of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, and the front's presidential candidate, Xóchitl Gálvez, of looking after only their personal interests and not a democratic selection process.

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And he said that they offered him a senatorship, which he rejected.

“(Alejandro Moreno) for a long time I considered him my friend and because I believed in his lies and because I believed that his support was honest and real, unfortunately his personal interests, the personal interests, as he stated, of Xóchitl Gálvez, well they take me, to "Despite being the leader in Mexico City, having to retire and not receive consolation prizes is not a job issue, I don't need a job."he expressed.

Ruvacaba will not promote a candidacy stained by corruption

In a message to the media, Rubalcava regretted that the front supports a candidate linked to crime due to the scandal of irregular property constructions in the capital.

"I say to the other parties: I don't understand how they agreed to have a successful candidate in a negotiation where they will promote someone who has links to crime, who has accusations and who, unfortunately, today we know that those who have been detainees have acknowledged their guilt in the construction of irregular properties and I thought that at some point through the candidacy of Xochitl GalvezAs she said, there would be no thieves, no idiots, no idiots, and unfortunately this, without a doubt, seems to me to be in doubt."he expressed.

“We are not going to support a candidacy tainted by corruption, we are not going to support a project in which we do not agree and in which we are failing not only the citizens, but also all those colleagues who represent in the different spaces of Government ”said.

Rubalcava regretted the treatment given to him by the national president of the PRI who notified him of the front's decision to support Taboada via WhatsApp and then in a phone call he insulted him.

"I say to Alejandro Moreno in the media: Alejandro you have no say, you have been irresponsible, I am very sorry for your decision to treat me the way you treated me, sending me a WhatsApp message does not deserve the respect that today has you as deputy because don't forget that when you wanted to be a deputy for Mexico City you asked me and the current leadership of the city to help you with my votes that I cast in the electoral processes," said.

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Rubalcava said that he would consider what his political future would be and has not yet confirmed whether he will join Morena.

"I have not made any determination, there is a lot of speculation, I do not lend myself to speculation, this not only hurts me, it hurts society, a middle class that we have talked about that we have an interest in building in favor of city, to a middle class that continues to hope to find another option for the Government and unfortunately I tell you from here that the broad front does betray its best cadres"

“I would not like to make a decision at this moment, it is something that I have to meditate calmly, I have to think about what the best route is, I am only speaking to the middle class of this city that has been deceived by this group of people, no. It is the political actors, it is their leadership that is harming them and in that sense I will have to consider what the definition is, so far I do not have a solid proposal to be able to move towards one side or the other, I will be exploring the possibility of looking for a “a space where I can continue adding to the city, from the trenches where I feel most comfortable,” express.

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