From the GP to making bread of the dead; 6 places to go to eat in CdMx

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He weekend It is perfect to live happy moments and share with our people vitamin. What's better than enjoying magical places that are located in CdMx and have delicious things prepared, as well as unique and unforgettable experiences.

Here we present some options if you are a declared 'foodie', so that you can spend unique moments this weekend.

Visit the Westin brunch

This place is ideal to start your day, the iconical brunch at the Westin hotel located in Santa Fe, it has become a must-see stop to spend time with family, friends and enjoy one of the best weekend gastronomic plans in CdMx.

Its terrace has a spectacular viewso be sure to ask for a table so you can enjoy your day from there.

The gastronomic proposal Here, it is very coarse, made up of very varied food stations.

If you like the seafood We recommend that you try the shrimp or fish ceviche, they prepare it for you at the moment and we assure you that you will love it, to accompany it you think you can start your day with a mimosa.

Another of the stations that stand out is the sushi stationwe recommend trying the fish tiradito, which comes accompanied by an emulsion of mango, Jamaican salt and red onion.

At the pasta station the recommendation is four cheeses, which goes perfectly with any red wine on the menu.

In the terrace area you can find some steakhouseswhere you can taste Brazilian swords or some cut or fish prepared at the moment, grilled salmon is a great option.

The charcuterie is also delicious, so you can help yourself to some to try and order one of the cocktails from the bar, while you enjoy the afternoon.

To finish, you cannot leave without trying their glorious dessert bar, some weeks they have guest chefs, so ask about the Takeover at the end, which will surely make you return to this Brunch a thousand times.

Bread of the dead course in Cardin

This place is specializes in making cakes and of course bread and some weekends they give baking courses among which is the bread of the dead, the teacher is so patient that it doesn't matter if you know anything about cooking, there you will surely learn, when you arrive they welcome you with a delicious coffee, while the baker chef explains to you step by step. I pass the secret recipe of the house, you make three types of pan de muerte, which you taste at the end of the class and of course you take some with you to continue enjoying this beautiful experience at home.

Get to know Carmela and go out and pair her delicious menu with Mexican wines

The dream place of the chef Gaby Ruiz It is perfect to visit on a weekend, all the dishes you will find here have a story, so you can ask your waiter or the manager of the place to tell you how the chef has come up with her creation.

In Iraís, the place features a large lamp that was specially designed by the chef and that contains all the things that she loves and uses when she cooks.

One of the most surprising dishes on their menu is their famous “lie toasts” when you try them you will feel the taste of a pickled leg toast and another of minilla fish, however, the chef makes them with coconut, don't forget Ask them, I assure you that you will be surprised.

This culinary experience To make it perfect, it is suggested to pair it with one of the Mexican wines that you can find in their drinks menu, in fact this past October 7 was International Mexican Wine Day and tasting of some labels was offered, among which a Barbera from the Santo Tomás wineries stood out, which pairs perfectly with it.

Pasta course and tasting menu dinner in Barolo

This restaurant located in Rome Colony It has an open kitchen where pasta is prepared in an artisanal way every day and it is there where you can also learn how to make it, from the local chef, you will know his process and you will be able to knead it, cut it and even fill it, after the course, You can sit at one of their tables and enjoy a wonderful dinner.

He course includes an appetizer, short stuffed pasta, long pasta and dessert.

You will surely return home with a big smile.

Drive a Formula 1 simulator and toast at La Bikina

With a super festive and very Mexican atmosphere, this is the ideal place to dine, sing and have a good drink

This weekend and until the Mexican Grand Prix takes place When you buy a drink or buy a bottle, you can get on a simulator of the Formula 1 and participate for tickets to attend this super competition.

The best time that has been recorded so far on the competition platform is 1.14 minutes, 21 will be given tickets for Sunday which is the racefor Saturday, which is the qualifiers, and Friday, which is the testing day, so don't miss the opportunity to know what it feels like to drive a Formula 1 car while you spend a weekend full of excitement, great food and good drinks.

Enjoy an ice cream tasting at Semper Gelato

In this ice cream shop you can try each and every one of the flavors that they make in an artisanal waythis thanks to the ice cream tastings that take place during the month.

He calendar You can find some of them on their social networks, this month you will surely be able to find some of their new creations such as bread of the dead stuffed with ice cream or a delicious pumpkin spicy latte with pieces of pumpkin, to die for.

Tastings take place the first two weeks of the month and include:

Tasting of all the flavors

3 courses of desserts on the plate

An extra drink

Don't forget to ask for him flavor of the season.


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