From the beach and in a white string bikini, Bárbara de Regil exposes her shapely curves

Barbara de Regil He continues to fall in love with his followers on social networks thanks to the exercised silhouette that he has achieved after several years of training, and as further proof, he shared a series of photographs in which he appears showing off on the beach with a tiny bikini that perfectly portrayed her heart-stopping curves.

There have been several occasions in which the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivisión telenovela, 'Cabo' has unleashed euphoria within social networks, because in them she not only attracts attention for her personality and positive attitude that she projects in each message she shares , because at the same time her physical beauty has managed to captivate millions of fans with whom she shares aspects of her professional life, as a wife and mother, but also as fitness influencer.

In one of his most recent Instagram posts, the television star in Mexico once again boasted some secrets to live to the fullest, because according to his experience, being happy is the secret of eternal youth since the most important thing is to enjoy life to the fullest and do what “fills your soul”.

But that was not all, since he also pleased the most demanding by sharing a couple of photographs in which modeled lying face down in the middle of the beach and wearing a tiny bikini in white that once again highlighted her curves.

Although the pair of photographs appear to be the same, it allowed two angles of her anatomy to be seen that were liked by almost 100,000 followers who gave her a red heart as a sign of approval.

It should be noted that she not only enjoys exposing daring images in which she appears posing with string bikinis that expose her shapely silhouette, as she has also given a lot to talk about by exercising in tight short sports outfits that highlight her physical attractiveness to the maximum.

And it was precisely like this that the protagonist of 'Rosario Tijeras' again He showed off his exercise routine from his home gymwhere, with the help of some devices and weights, he showed his physical strength and muscular anatomy, but always giving a brief touch of beauty with his provocative outfits.

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