From goal kick to Vélez goal: River Plate's blunder at the start

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The night did not come straight for River Plate in view of Velez and 15 minutes into the second half everything became even more complicated with the Liniers team's second goal due to an error in the team's start. Millionaire.

The champion of the Professional League was down on the scoreboard from the first half due to a goal from Claudius Aquino and he wasn't playing well in the Jose Amalfitani. That's why, Martin Demichelis He sent Nacho Fernández, Esequiel Barco and Salomón Rondón to the field in just 12 minutes of the complement to replace Pablo Solari, Agustín Palavecino and Miguel Borja. However, they could not avoid the second.

It was at Vélez's best moment, when he generated the most opportunities in front of the goal. Millionairethat River Plate He tried to come out from underneath on a goal kick. Franco Armani, played for Emanuel Mammana who looked forward to Nicholas De La Cruz. But, the Uruguayan slipped when he tried to control and lost under the pressure of Juan Mendez.

With the defense open, the team was completely unprotected and Santiago Castro He did not forgive, because when he captured the ground ball, he positioned himself for his right leg in the crescent of the area and shook the far post hard to make it 2-0 and unleash madness in the Jose Amalfitani. For Vélez, this was also a transcendental match because due to the results that had occurred on that date, he took the field in the relegation zone.

The goal was an example of the moment of confusion of River Plate because in the play it is observed that the action did not seem to carry too much danger, but the fact that De La Cruz stumbled was lethal for a Millonario who never felt comfortable in the match and was far from his best version.

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