French teachers call a strike due to the rise of Covid-19 | News

Various educational unions in France called a strike for next January 13 in rejection of the Government of that country for handling the Covid-19 pandemic, and the relevant health protocols.


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The National Unitary Union of Institutes, Teachers of Infant and Primary Schools (Snuipp), announced this Tuesday in a statement that 75 percent of primary school teachers will participate in the protests.

“Keeping schools open is a shared desire, but protecting the entire educational community (staff, students and families) should be as well. The Snuipp, together with the Unitary Union Federation (FSU) and the Federation of Parents of Public School Students (FCPE), demand measures and resources so that the school can face this health crisis ”, the document indicated.

The union insisted that the organizations that called for a strike for next Thursday do not want to close schools, but rather seek an educational system that protects children, families, and educational personnel.

This mobilization goes against the measure applied by the Government that defends the decision that, when a positive case is confirmed in a class in France, the rest of the students will carry out up to three self-tests at home to continue attending school, without having to to undergo a first antigen test or PCR.

The previous protocol foresaw that, in the case of a positive student, the other classmates should immediately undergo a PCR or antigen test, followed by two self-tests.

The union organization, before these protocols, valued the need to apply other sanitary measures.

“A true campaign of coordinated preventive tests, equipment in surgical masks for the students (which are still the responsibility of the families) and in FPP2 for the staff, CO2 sensors in the classes (…) Better protected, the staff is less staff. contaminated and therefore less absent ”, he added.

“It is also urgent to respond to the structural lack of substitutes by hiring tenured teachers. Today the Minister appeals to retirees, without ensuring their health, and without establishing anything on the fund: the relays will always be lacking “, remarked the Snuipp and the FSU.

France registered 368,149 positive cases on this day, a new record of Covid-19 infections due to the expansion of the Omicron variant.