French schools start strike against anticovid measures | News


The French basic education schools live this Thursday a day of strike and mobilizations, with extensive monitoring, in protest against what they call the constant change of measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, with three different health protocols in one week.


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The strike has received the support of practically all of the teaching unions, but also of the largest organizations of parents of students, which shows the general dissatisfaction with the way in which the Executive is managing the situation.

The general secretary of the educators union (CFDT, for its acronym in French), Laurent Berger, told the media that “it is a strike against the lack of consultation” with the school.

The strike has been followed by 62 percent of secondary school teachers and 75 percent in primary, according to different unions, while the Ministry of Education assured that the national average for monitoring is of the order of 27.34 percent.

Teachers and parents of students protest in rallies throughout France, and in Paris they do so in the park of the Luxembourg Gardens, next to the Senate.

Educators and parents criticize that the Minister of Education announced a complicated sanitary protocol in a press interview published on the internet on January 2, the eve of the return to classes after the Christmas holidays, and has subsequently modified them twice.

The Government announced last Monday the last modification, with more flexibility so as not to close classes at the first positive. Otherwise, and given the rapid extension of the Omicron variant, “in a few days all the classes in France would be closed,” explained Prime Minister Jean Castex.

However, this flexibility has been rejected by teachers and parents of students, who say they are fed up with having to carry out continuous tests on children, especially the youngest ones.

Meanwhile, the Omicron variant continues to advance in France, with 361,719 infections reported on Wednesday, slightly less than the day before, and 294 deaths in one day, while the hospital situation continues to progressively worsen, both in hospitalized patients and in patients. receiving intensive care.

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