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French President Emmanuel Macron postponed his official visit to Germany this Saturday due to protests and riots in that European country after the murder of a young man last Tuesday in the city of Nanterre, not far from Paris.


More than 1,300 detained in the fourth night of protests in France

The state visit was scheduled to begin this Sunday and was to last until next Tuesday. Through a statement, the German Presidency announced that Macron and his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, spoke by phone this Saturday.

“French President Macron spoke by phone today with German President Steinmeier and updated him on the situation in his country. President Macron has requested the postponement of his planned state visit to Germany," the text added.

According to the statement, Steinmeier told Macron that he "regrets the cancellation", but "he understands it perfectly due to the situation", which he "follows very closely". In addition, he wished the French president that the incidents end soon.

According to local media, no new date has been set for Macron's visit to Berlin, which would be the first by a French head of state on German soil since 2000.

At the end of last March, the visit of the British King Charles III to France had to be postponed as a result of the massive protests that occurred after Macron's approval of the controversial pension reform.

This Saturday, the Ministry of the Interior reported that 1,311 people were arrested and 79 police officers were injured in the fourth consecutive night of riots, although it assessed that the magnitude of the incidents was less than the previous night. During the last dawn the French State mobilized 45,000 and even used light armored vehicles from the Gendarmerie.

Also this Saturday, hundreds of people participated in Nahel's funeral, held in Nanterre. Despite the tension of the last few days, the tribute to the young man took place in a peaceful and familiar atmosphere. A group of those gathered at the ceremony displayed a banner demanding justice.

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