Freight transport by train between China and Russia will increase | News


The state-owned Russian Railways agreed this Sunday with the Chinese railway company to increase the circulation of freight trains between nations, according to local media reports.


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The Russian side noted that in April the exchange through this route in the town of Zabaikalsk increased by 27 percent compared to March.

Likewise, the company revealed that there was also an increase in the city of Grodekovo, Primorye region of the Russian Far East, in this case of 10 percent.

The company also revealed that the increase in freight transport by rail to China has been evidenced through Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Similarly, they reported that cargo transfer requests have increased by about 30 percent compared to the figures of the previous year.

Railway bridge between Russia and China

Local media revealed that the first cross-border railway bridge between Russia and China, which will span more than two kilometers over the Heilong River connecting the cities of Tongjiang and Nizhneleninskoye, is expected to start operating next August.

With a cost close to 355 million dollars and an annual cargo capacity of 21 million tons, the construction should ostensibly increase cargo transport by this means between both nations.

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