Freedom of Expression and Right to Information

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Fernando A. Mora Guillén.

  • Freedom of Expression and Right to Information.
  • Migration a problem for the Latin American Region.
  • Youth violence on the rise.

Over the last three decades, our country has been immersed in a climate of violence and attacks on journalists and communicators, most of which are carried out by state and municipal authorities; Although the Federal Government created the Specialized Prosecutor's Office on Freedom of Expression and the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists more than 15 years ago, they have been instances that, since they do not have a clear legal framework, and are not mandatory instances They have not been replicated, and when they exist at the state level they do not comply with a uniform protocol that provides results.

Throughout these 30 years, international organizations such as Article 19, Reporters Without Borders, or the Inter-American Press Association, have dedicated themselves to issuing different reports, in which they point out the different administrations for their lack of interest in implementing public policies, and actions in favor of Freedom of Expression and the Right to Information.

The attacks on journalists and media outlets have been stigmatized and have highlighted the absence of the Mexican State.

Last April, the Head of the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists of the Ministry of the Interior, Enrique Irazoque Palazuelos, pointed out that 10 years after its creation, the Mechanism is condemned to disappear in the absence of a Legal Framework issued. by the Congress of the Union. Irazoque Palazuelos called on the Chambers of Deputies and Senators to approve the constitutional reform that is required to have a general law that combats and prevents attacks against Human Rights Defenders and Journalists.

In 2022, Mexico was the first place in attacks on Journalists with 22 attacks, surpassing Ukraine, a country at war in which 15 journalists lost their lives. Beyond the fact that international organizations or the Human Rights Rapporteurs of the United Nations Organization or the Inter-American Court of Human Rights point out to us and ratify their reports that for more than three decades They have classified our country among the 5 countries with the highest risk for the professional practice of journalists and communicators, being the most dangerous in the region, without obtaining greater results; It's time to stop along the way. Journalists, communicators and media outlets have the personality and character to demand government action to prevent and protect the union from attacks. Furthermore, Enrique Irazoque Palazuelos himself highlights that 80% of the attacks and attacks against journalists and communicators come from Mexican state authorities at the state and municipal levels. What has been pointed out for more than three decades. The time has come for the three levels of Government to assume their responsibility, and a serious commitment that allows the free exercise of our fundamental rights. It should be noted that of the little more than 160 journalists murdered from 2000 to date, there are no more than ten cases that have been revealed by special investigations, which reveal sensitive information for both governmental and economic power groups. or organized crime; which shows that more than 90% of journalists have been killed as revenge for their daily work and not necessarily for putting powerful groups at risk.

The attacks on journalists, communicators and media outlets have been more of a show of power or a way to intimidate the union in general.

What has happened over more than three decades is not the responsibility of the current government; it has been more the result of abuses of power and authority; Therefore, the Government of the Fourth Transformation has the opportunity to mark a stop along the way, and establish new agreements for the prevention and protection of the journalistic union, beyond personal feelings and polarization, it would be a good opportunity for journalists to see who exercise the Right to Information every day, and who would be the ones who should assume obligations regarding the exercise of rights, starting from giving an honest, objective, truthful and prompt account to society about what happens without editorializing or polemicizing.

Take it with attention.- In recent years, the transit of Latin American migrants towards the American dream has increased the risks of the migration phenomenon.

Our country went from being a nation that sends migrants to a territory that is now a transit space and in many cases a recipient of foreigners who settle down to live and develop.

In Mexico today, the three migratory phenomena are registered, which has generated the incursion of organized crime groups into migration, they are organizations that participate in all sending countries and that in a high percentage hook migrants from their place of origin. , to the destination, which unfortunately does not happen because in most cases they are abandoned to their fate along the way. A high percentage of migrants are women and children who travel alone, and face abuse, rape and endless risks that unfortunately make thousands of migrants vulnerable who are now stranded on the northern border of our country.

Take it with concern.- In recent years the increase in violence between and towards young people is alarming. The same thing we learn with astonishment of conflicts and fights between young people, who without control end up leaving them abandoned in poor conditions, and without the slightest concern.

Likewise, organized crime, when trying to recruit them, ends up eliminating them if they do not agree to get involved with them.

It is regrettable the scenes that now become everyday life, in which we see confrontations or the abandonment of young people who have been relegated and left to be forgotten, even from their homes. Without a doubt another issue that requires the attention and reflection of families and hard work from the authorities.

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*Master in Institutional Communication from the Universidad Panamericana.

*Founding Member of the National College of Graduates in Journalism.

*President of the Fernando Mora Gómez Foundation for Freedom of Expression.

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