Free title and ID card, this is what the Green Party proposes

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He Green Party in the Chamber of Deputies proposed a bill to exempt 100 percent of the payment to obtain the degree or professional license issued by the country's higher education organizations.

The environmentalist group pointed out the need to eliminate the degree fee established in both public and private institutions, given that the cost of a degree in private universities amounts to up to 15 thousand pesos, which affects the personal finances of students or your families

The initiative seeks to add article 185 of the Federal Law of Rights, so that, starting in 2024, titling fees are eliminated.

In his explanatory statement, deputy Luis Arturo González Cruz explained that the State must provide facilities and options so that more students complete their higher education studies.

"Everything possible needs to be done to turn around the low terminal efficiency rates at the higher level and it is the State's obligation to provide qualification options and facilities," said the environmentalist legislator.

He indicated that Mexico has the lowest proportion among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations of adults with a higher education degreewith 17 percent, well below the average, which is 37 percent, and below countries like Chile and Colombia that reach 23 percent or Argentina with 21 percent.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, on a national scale the main reason for school dropouts is economic difficulty.

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