Frauds continue in the country!

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Raúl Flores Martínez.

Scams and so-called drop-by-drop loans are among the most common crimes that are occurring throughout the country despite the fact that there are various campaigns to avoid falling into fraudulent acts.

In recent times, frauds of all kinds have increased, this is because there is no punishment for criminals who, with impunity, continue to create a social machinery to have access to their victims.

The frauds occur through various supposed financial applications that are made known, loans with minimal interest that little by little increase until the payment is not possible, even daily.

Other frauds are through a group of professional fraudsters, who, using false documents and rented high-end vans, have managed to deceive hundreds of people with supposed support of 7 thousand pesos in exchange for a “donation” of 500 pesos and 4 1,800 pesos to obtain 24 thousand pesos in exchange.

This group is headed by Israel “S” and his wife Liliana “V”, who use the logos of the Morena Party, the Welfare Secretariat and the Economy Secretariat to cover letterheads, credentials, tickets, envelopes; They have also created alleged folios, and letters signed by the president of Morena Mario Delgado and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself, signatures that were taken from the internet.

María Luisa Mejía Lozano is a double victim. She was hired by the fraudsters taking advantage of her economic situation of unemployment to recruit her victims, without her knowing, they also offered her a supposed program for single mothers.

The people who fell into this deception are mostly neighbors, friends and relatives of those who serve as coordinators of the supposed social programs for single mothers.

Now María Luisa is threatened with death, if she does not return the money that more than a hundred people gave her, she is threatened with being beaten when they see her on the street, the threats include a complaint to the public ministry for various crimes, something that has led to getting sick.

This is known by the authorities themselves, who do not respond to the complaints for two reasons, one is that they will have to work on an investigation; The second and most disappointing, the crime of fraud expires after three years or, failing that, the authorities do not investigate whether the amount defrauded does not exceed 250 thousand pesos.

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