Franklin storm leaves two deaths and material damage in Europe | News

The storm Franklin has made landfall in Europe this Tuesday causing at least two deaths and extensive material damage in several nations of the old continent.


Storm Eunice continues to hit northern Europe

Franklin has so far caused two deaths of a couple in their 70s in France, when their car was swept across the English Channel in a town near Normandy.

Nearly 300 flood warnings have been issued in Northern Ireland so far due to heavy rain and strong winds.

For their part, the British authorities reported strong sustained winds with gusts reaching 140 kilometers per hour, in addition to the fact that nearly 150 flood warnings have been issued.

The strong winds have affected several regions of the Netherlands and have caused serious damage, mainly by felling trees on vehicles, buildings and roads.

So far there are three storms that have affected Europe in the last five days, Eunice being the one that has affected this region the most, causing at least 14 deaths and extensive damage, especially in the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.