Francisco Javier Acuña-“From saying to doing – in democracy – there is a long way”

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Democracy is a permanent promise. The promise of never ending. Assuring that it works fully is a misleading play on words.

  • A promise that is recycled in each electoral process, democracy has often become a phenomenon reduced to passing through the polls. No one can denounce that voting, presumably free and informed, is the most visible of democratic symptoms, but it should not be ignored that there are other procedures to guarantee the democratic climate as a whole, but the exercise of popular suffrage is the most popular. of democratic signs and signals.

Democracy is a scheme of probabilities in which almost anything can happen, but in which it is presumed that good things can happen with prevalence. In other words, democracy is a refuge, although there are and will be problems there, there are ways or means to seek acceptable solutions.

The principle of legality is a much broader and more sophisticated subject than the plot of what makes up the electoral process. However, the electoral issue is so delicate that, at the same time, it cannot be simplified to holding rallies, campaign events and counting votes. The elections should be exercises of democratic renewal for the voters who come each period to fulfill their civic duty and the extraordinary opportunity to experience the initiation of the “first voters.” Pragmatism makes all of this seem like a carnival of promises (at the expense of the treasury) and a gale of propaganda/garbage that litters towns and cities. On top of the anticipated electoral stridency outside of legal provisions, the electoral march encourages a celebration of accusations and attacks between the contenders, and that stuns a part of society in a position to cast a vote. The grotesque spectacle of the electoral journey becomes a nightmare for many people who either decide for themselves to go to vote on the day of the election, or bury that intention in favor of abstentionism, which even in federal presidential elections is considerable. In the bustle and discordant noises of confrontation, electoral business soars. The services and inputs required by electoral actors in times of hectic campaigns are valued: the parties, candidates and camouflaged rulers who put a black hand in the elections, pay for favorable polls with official money, pay for illegal promotion on billboards and billboards. and they fill the homes of voters in impoverished regions with gifts.

  • Yesterday's candidate/conclusive ruler is preparing to leave his mandate amid endless accusations for failing to comply, forgetting, abandoning. Mexican democracy focuses on electoral matters, whether or not there are federal and/or state elections, electoral institutions are permanent and must be pacifying minor, medium and major conflicts, which always ultimately lead to the jurisdiction of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch. of the Federation.

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