France: Prosecutor's Office asks to imprison police officer who killed minor

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The Nanterre Prosecutor's Office requested this Thursday the indictment of the voluntary manslaughter of the police officer who shot and killed a 17-year-old that he skipped a control in this city on the outskirts of Paris, as well as his provisional imprisonment.

The prosecutor, Pascal Prache, justified the imprisonment of the 38-year-old brigadier who shot point blank against the young man because the use of the weapon it did not conform to “the legal conditions”.

The agent was presented this morning before two investigating judges who must decide on his indictment and, then, it will be another judge of freedoms and detention who will determine If you have to go to jail or can be released, eventually with judicial control measures.

Naël's death on Tuesday morning has given rise to two consecutive nights of riots in France, with at least 150 detainees last morning alone, as well as burning dozens of vehicles and public buildings such as police stations, town halls and courts.

According to the prosecutor's account, this young black man, with a criminal record for skipping police checkpoints and who did not have a driver's license, was detected shortly before 8 in the morning on the streets of Nanterre because He drove a yellow Mercedes sports car that he had committed different traffic offences.

A couple of police bikers tried to stop him, but The vehicle sped off and a chase began. which ended when the Mercedes got stuck in a traffic jam.

The officers drew their weapons. they pointed at the driver demanding that he stop the engine, but instead Naël started. It was then that one of the policemen fired at point-blank range, which killed the young man.

The images that have circulated of these events have shown that, contrary to what the policemen initially declared, his personal integrity did not appear clearly in danger with the last escape attempt.

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