France launches counteroffensive against bedbug infestation in the Paris Metro

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No, not only in the Mexico City Metro. The French government announced Friday that it will launch a counteroffensive to combat the proliferation of bed bugs, which in recent weeks have appeared in public transportation, cinemas and hospitals. Disgusted travelers hung up videos on social networks of these bloodsucking insects, seen in the Paris metrohigh-speed trains and even at the Parisian Charles de Gaulle airport.

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The Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, indicated this Friday on the social network X that he will bring together public transport operators next week "to inform them about the measures adopted (...) to reassure and protect" the population.

Bed bugs, which almost completely disappeared from everyday life in the 1950s, have re-emerged in recent decades, especially due to high population density and increased public transportation. A tenth of French homes are thought to have had bed bug problems in recent yearswhich usually requires a pest control operation that costs several hundred euros and often has to be repeated.

Thursday, The Paris city council asked the government of President Emmanuel Macron for help with the plague, urging the growth of a special body. For her part, the president of the parliamentary group of the radical leftist party La Francia Insumisa, Mathilde Panot, demanded this Friday an emergency plan and recognition of bedbugs "as a public health problem."

The French national health agency recommended that people Check your hotel beds when you travel and be careful when bringing second-hand furniture into your home. or used mattresses. Bed bug bites cause irritation, blisters or large rashes on the skin, and can cause severe itching or allergic reactions. They also often cause psychological distress, sleep problems, anxiety and depression.

According to the French authoritiesthe appearance of these insects, which can measure up to 7 millimeters longis not related to hygiene levels.


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