Foursome glossary – Arsenal

Alejandro Rodriguez Cortes*.

In order for the misnamed Fourth Transformation to try one day and the next to impose its narrative around a messianic leadership, foolishly pointed out as infallible and historically incomparable, it has been necessary to radically change the meaning of any definition or theme that has to do with the daily reality or with public management.

From the outset, Mexico is no longer a country of great mestizo, diverse and multicultural complexity, but simply the seat of a perennial and fierce battle between PROGRESSIVES and CONSERVATIVES, good poor people supported by a redemptive government and wicked middle and upper classes whose sole objective is preserve the privileges of the ELITES. There is no longer a “mafia of power”, but ADVERSARIES, because the power already belongs to the WISE PEOPLE; its headquarters, a palace, is no longer a symbol of viceroys, but it is a witness of daily genuflection by subjects or even buffoons of the MAGNÁNIMO president.

The government does not promote development but it does grant WELFARE at the expense of the treasury: a caravan with a foreign budget hat in a TRAPICHE ECONOMY where -profitability aside- it is better to produce craft mead than industrialized beer. The Gross Domestic Product is irrelevant, if its stagnation is replaced by the HAPPINESS of millions of Mexicans, old pensioners, young people with scholarships or subsidized peasants. The institutional destruction or the vulnerability of women and children without childcare centers does not matter. And whoever wants to break this virtuous circle only deserves qualifications such as NEOLIBERAL, FIFÍ, MACHUCHÓN or worse still, TRAITOR TO THE COUNTRY.

Health is a universal right by decree, although hospital infrastructure and services are falling apart and medicines are scarce. The INSABI is good for what it is good for and it is not good for what it is unfortunately not good for (Gatell dixit). CUBAN DOCTORS cover the tiresome claim of health coverage, and also they can well carry out political INOCTRINATION in the most remote areas of the country: a “long live the revolution” is worth more than attention to a childbirth or an infection.

For the Mexican State to fulfill its primary role of guaranteeing the safety of the population, there are HUGS of various calibers and lethality. The soldiers do not militarize, because the leader changed his mind and the militarization of before is today the path to pacification. The 130,000 deaths do not count because a large part of them “were inherited.” CHAIRA STATISTICS that ominously denies hard figures.

At the fair of excuses and justifications: the pandemic and previous governments. The economic crisis is due to Covid and the campaign slogan “we would be better off with López Obrador” became the government slogan “we would be better off if Calderón had not governed”.

We live in a country where the “moches” are no longer, because the serene president decided that in reality they were always CONTRIBUTIONS to the movement with which he conquered the Eagle’s Chair. The direct awards of public contracts are redemption for those who believed in justice: there is the prize for ABSOLUTE LOYALTY.

The “chayote” is redeemed as SOCIAL ADVERTISING to those “honorable exceptions” of a few media outlets that circulate in the opposite direction, in a crowded viaduct where the rest (the majority) are heralds of CAMPAIGNS AGAINST the transformation of the country. Journalists are not persecuted or pressured: the TRUTH of the “sovereign” is defended.

The president is an authoritarian DEMOCRAT; his cabinet are worthless CORK BOXES; the other powers of the Union are independent, but they must be PATRIOTS, understanding patriotism as an absolute agreement with a (failed) Nation project; autonomous bodies are DEFENDERS OF THE OLIGARCY. Those of us who point it out went from being OPPOSITORS to ENEMIES.

In this way we could complete a very extensive glossary of cuatrotero: populist, tricky and liar that many recite over and over again, some blindly convinced in utopia; many others, begging fate to bring absolution and show them that they were not wrong.

But reality continues, and will continue, imposing itself.

*Journalist, communicator and PR.


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