Four young men and a woman fall with 200 doses of drugs in Nuevo León

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Five members of a drug cartel were arrested in Nuevo León, including a woman, in possession of weapons exclusively for the Army and almost 200 doses of drugs.

The coordinated work of the Army, the National Guard and the General Prosecutor's Offices of the Republic, as well as the Civil Force and municipal police, led to the arrest of the suspects outside a home on Diego Rivera Street, in the Puerta de Anáhuac neighborhood, in Escobedo.

The agents who were carrying out investigations related to the case arrived at the site and from a distance observed a vehicle that was occupied by four people and one more who was heading towards it, which coincided with characteristics previously provided.

The elements approached the individuals and upon looking inside the unit they saw that they were wearing ballistic vests, so they requested a precautionary inspection.

As a result of the inspection, five ballistic vests, four supplied long weapons and 160 ammunition, 165 doses of a granulated substance similar to glass, 20 plastic bags with green and dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana, 21 magazines with 65 bullets, two thousand 500 pesos in cash, five cell phones, four latex masks, nine caps and two Nuevo León license plates.

The suspects were identified as: Iván “N”, 20 years old; Eliud “N”, 21; César “N”, 19; Karla “N”, 39, and Herson “N”, 17.

These people were already wanted by the authorities since it is presumed that they participate in a criminal group with a national presence and are related to illegal acts due to injuries from firearms and shots.

As for the vehicle they were driving, it also has a report of participation in violent acts.

The people were arrested and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the corresponding investigations.

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