Four federal hospitals operate in Acapulco to treat emergencies or specialties.

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The Ministry of Health reported that the Regional General Hospital 1 “Vicente Guerrero” of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the IMSS-Bienestar General Hospital of Acapulco “El Quemado”, the IMSS-Bienestar General Hospital “Renacimiento” and the General of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (Issste), all at the federal level, are available to care for patients who require emergency services or specialty consultation.

Through a statement, he detailed that 45 medical care brigades are deployed throughout Acapulco, 28 fixed and the rest are itinerant to cover the most affected areas. In addition, their location is reported through loudspeakers and official networks.

First-level units such as medical care brigades have personnel and supplies to care for those living with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, tuberculosis, prenatal care, and diseases attributable to the contingency.

Simultaneously, the application of tests for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), syphilis, hepatitis C continues; as well as the delivery of condoms, lubricants and the morning after pill.

It is essential to remind the population that, if they live with a chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, HIV, or hepatitis, it is necessary to continue treatment to avoid complications. People who require it can go to the nearest care unit to refill medications.

In this context, for first-level care, all IMSS Family Medicine Units (UMF) are already operating on regular schedules; 26 Centers of the Ministry of Health and seven Family Medicine Units of the ISSSTE. In the next few days the rest of the health centers will be operating.

The objective is to bring care to everyone, regardless of whether they have the right or not.

People are asked to keep in mind that if they have fever, pain when breathing, rapid breathing, chest pain, diarrhea with more than six bowel movements or have mucus or blood, dehydration, sunken eyes, crying without tears, abdominal pain, drowsiness, or a wound that requires healing, it is necessary to go immediately to the nearest health unit.

Babies, girls, boys, pregnant women, older adults, people with disabilities, must receive special care and ensure continuous monitoring of their health.

In this winter season when influenza and COVID-19 occur, it is necessary to get vaccinated, especially those who belong to vulnerable groups.

Likewise, hand hygiene must be performed; In these moments where access to water can be complex, an alternative is alcohol gel.

To ensure drinkable water, it is recommended to chlorinate, boil or use colloidal silver, thus avoiding diarrhea. It is recommended to take care of the heat and protect yourself from the sun with hats or caps, as well as hydrate yourself with electrolytes, or Vida Oral Serum.

First level units

Below is the list of IMSS first-level care units: Family Medical Unit (UMF) 2, La Garita; Family Medical Unit (UMF) 9, Acapulco; Family Medical Unit (UMF) 26, Acapulco; Family Medical Unit (UMF) 28, El Coloso, and Family Medical Unit (UMF) 29, Diamante.

The health centers that belong to the state Health Secretariat are: Urbano-01, Santa Cecilia neighborhood; Urbano-03, Colonia 5 de Mayo; Urbano-02, Pie de la Cuesta neighborhood; Urbano-02, Santa Cruz neighborhood; Urbano-02, Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood; Urbano-01, Valle de las Flores, and Urbano-01, Cumbres de Llano Largo neighborhood.

Likewise, the Urbano-01 unit, Jardín Palmas III neighborhood; Rural-03, Paso Limonero; Rural-02, Xaltianguis neighborhood; Rural-02, San Isidro Labrador neighborhood; Rural-02, Kilometer 30; Rural-02, station; Rural-01, kilometer 42; Rural-01, Sabanillas; Rural-01, Lomas de San Juan; Rural-01, Pueblo Madero; Rural-01, Providencia, Rural-01, Piedra Imán; Rural-01, Huamuchitos; Rural-01, Ejido Nuevo; Rural-01, New Neighborhood of the Dead; Rural-01, Amatepec; Rural-01, Altos del Camarón; Rural-01, Kilometer 21, and Alianza Popular Health Center.

The first level of care units of the Issste are: Family Medicine Unit (UMF) Coyuca de Benítez, Family Medicine Unit (UMF) Renacimiento, Family Medicine Unit (UMF) San Marcos, Family Medicine Unit (UMF) Tecoanapa, Family Medicine Unit (UMF) Las Vigas, Family Medicine Unit (UMF) Xaltianguis and an office in the headquarters building of the Ministry of Health on Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán number 276.

The fixed location of the mobile units in Acapulco, Guerrero, is at the following addresses:

  1. Hermenegildo Galeana, Mártires de Escudero street corner with 13th street, Juan R. Escobedo neighborhood
  2. Quetzal S/N, Morelos
  3. Avenida Adolfo Ruíz Cortines S/N, La Laja
  4. Fernando Rosas, Paso Limonero
  5. Children Heroes and Tlaxcala, Progreso neighborhood
  6. Parking lot of the José López Portillo Housing Unit. Granjas Avenue, Urban Area
  7. Cayaco – Puerto Márquez number 41, El Cayaco
  8. Calzada Pie de la Cuesta number 118, (1, Modern Home)
  9. Antón, Costera Miguel Alemán, Francisco de Ulloa S/N, Hornos Insurgentes
  10. Jacarandas number 24
  11. Av. Costera Miguel Alemán 61, Las Playas subdivision
  12. Kiosk of the Plácido Domingo neighborhood in La Venta (between the church and the Mano Amiga school)
  13. San Andrés, Playa Encantada, Vicente Guerrero S/N Calle Principal, court of the Town
  14. Lázaro Cárdenas Morning State Primary, Ciudad Perdida S/N, May 5
  15. Technical Secondary School 194, Picacho Avenue number 1, El Coloso
  16. Ignacio Elizondo S/N, La Libertad, La Sabana
  17. Albañil Park, Gran Vía El Coloso S/N, El Coloso
  18. Pánuco Condominium number 32, Granjas del Marqués
  19. Miguel Hidalgo S/N-Local 1, La Sabana
  20. Plaza la Cima, Acapulco-Mexico National Highway S/N, Loma Bonita
  21. Emiliano Zapata Elementary School (morning). Independence Primary School (afternoon). Calle 18, block 81, sector 3, Emiliano Zapata neighborhood
  22. Mount Everest, Costa Azul Grasslands, El Veladero Park. Reference: Truck terminal
  23. Coyuca de Benítez – Acapulco 8, Bandar Tasik Selatan, Adamówek
  24. Calle Sauces S/N corner Magueyes, Nuevo Jerusalem neighborhood
  25. Cruces Fantasma Sports Court, Avenida Las Parotas S/N, Parotas
  26. Av. Juan R. Escudero Sector 2, Lot 6, Ciudad Renacimiento neighborhood. On the opposite corner with door 1 of the Sports Center
  27. Av. Adolfo Ruiz Cortines number 1806, Altamira Norte
  28. 18th Street, Emiliano Zapata

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