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Venezuelan authorities and more than 40 international guests discuss this Wednesday in Caracas (capital) about the role of the media in validating the use of the law for political purposes.


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The meeting called "The Lawfare against Venezuela: Three years after the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab", is part of the activities organized to demand the release of the diplomat, detained by the United States while carrying out a humanitarian mission on the African continent.

Saab's wife, Camilla Fabri, took part in it, denouncing that "the political and media persecution against Venezuela reached the point of kidnapping a special envoy in clear violation of international standards."

Fabri said that "any Venezuelan official, activist or businessman who works to help his country can be a victim of this type of subversive actions."

In the first part of the session, this morning, the Venezuelan jurist Eugenio Safaroni said that Lawfare is “one more chapter in a series of attacks, of hybrid warfare, that Latin America is suffering. It is said in English, but it is criminalization of leaders or people, of political relevance”.

According to Safaroni “in other times, persecution was carried out through judges, military dictatorships, but now they are not military dictatorships, the world has changed and so has colonialism. We live in a late colonialism, in the north politics is subordinated to the economy”.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yván Gil recalled that three years have passed since the kidnapping of Alex Saab, "while he was carrying out a humanitarian operation to obtain and supply Venezuela, not only with food, but with technologies and products for the oil industry by mandate of the Bolivarian Government.

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