Fortnite announces that it will increase its prices in these countries

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The popular online game Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, has announced a series of adjustments in the prices of their V-Bucks and pack offers that are purchased with real money. These changes are being implemented in several countries, including Denmark, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Eurozone countries and the United States.

The decision to adjust prices is based on economic considerations, such as inflation and currency fluctuationsand follows previous price adjustments in other regions, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico.

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The price of V-Bucks, the virtual currency used in Fortnite, has been revised and adjusted in several countries to adapt to changing economic conditions. This is reflected in the price of the V-Bucks that players can purchase with real money. The changes in prices have as goal to maintain fairness in the game economy and ensure that players have access to V-Bucks at reasonable prices based on their geographic location.

It is important to highlight that These price adjustments will not affect the cost of the Fortnite Club subscription, which will remain unchanged. Fortnite Club subscribers will continue to enjoy their benefits without changes in price.

In addition to the current adjustments, Epic Games has informed that the prices of certain future packs will also be modified when they become available. These packs include the "Judgment Day Pack", the "Skull Squad Pack", the "Graveyard Drift Mission Pack", the "Saint Academy Mission Pack", and the "Transformers Pack".

Why will Fortnite prices increase?

The decision to adjust prices in Fortnite is based on a series of economic factors that have affected the different regions where the game is available. Inflation and currency fluctuations are key elements that have led Epic Games to review and update the prices of V-Bucks and offer packs.

V-Bucks are an essential part of the gameplay experience in Fortnite, allowing players to purchase items, outfits, emotes, and other in-game items. Keeping V-Bucks prices in line with local economic conditions ensures that players can continue to enjoy the game without excessive costs.

Epic Games has demonstrated its commitment to the gaming community and seeks to ensure that all players have fair and equitable access to V-Bucks and offer packs. Price adjustments have previously been made in other regions, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico, and are now being extended to more countries in response to changing global economic conditions.

The Future of Fortnite

Fortnite has been a phenomenon in the world of video games since its launch in 2017. The game has continued to evolve and offer new experiences to its millions of players around the world. Price adjustments are an important part of Epic Games' strategy to maintain fairness and accessibility in the game.

Epic Games' promise not to change the price of the Fortnite Club subscription is a sign of its commitment to players who choose this option. Club subscribers will continue to enjoy exclusive benefits and access to V-Bucks without changes to the subscription cost.

Fortnite players can look forward to more exciting new features and updates in the future as the game continues to expand and adapt to the needs of its growing community of players. The price adjustments on V-Bucks and packs are another step in ensuring that Fortnite remains an affordable and exciting experience for all its fans around the world.


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