Formula 1 receives maximum environmental accreditation from FIA

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The Formula 1 has become the first motorsport championship in which all member teams get the environmental accreditation ThreeStar of the FIAthe highest level of recognition of environmental sustainability by the agency.

The 10 team of the 2023 World Championship achieved the maximum accreditation, three stars, while the F1 renewed its distinction Facing the aim NetZero in 2030making history like him first fully qualified championship.

He FIA Environmental Accreditation Program launched in 2011 to help the motorsport industry assess and improve its environmental performance, and measures performance across a number of 17 criteria ranging from energy use and supply management, to transport planning, noise management and carbon emissions.

To maintain impartiality in this evaluation process, audits are carried out by a qualified and independent auditor.

The F1 World Championship first gained accreditation in 2020 and since then many of the sport's stakeholders, including teams, racing promoters and host circuitshave also embarked on their own journeys to achieve such three-star recognition from the FIA.

In addition to the ten F1 teams, Pirellia global partner and supplier of tires for the category, also has said accreditation.

Several promoters and host circuits have achieved this three-star level, including events in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria and the United Arab Emirateswhile the UK, Japan and Singapore are accredited at some level.

The president and CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicaliassured that it is a “significant moment” achieve this milestone that demonstrates the ongoing commitment from the entire F1 community with the change to achieve the sustainability goals that are set for 2030.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are committed to achieving our goals, continuing to innovate sustainably and setting a positive example to the motorsport community and beyond.

(With information from Europe Press)

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