Former Spain coach denies before the judge coercion of Hermoso's entourage by orders of Rubiales

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He former coach of the Spanish women's soccer team, Jorge Vildadenied this Tuesday before the Judge of the National Court that there would be coercion to the soccer player's surroundings Jennifer Hermoso following the kiss that the former president of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales He allegedly gave the player without consent after the final of the Women's Soccer World Cup in Sydney, Australia.

Legal sources confirmed to the news agency Europa Press that Vilda denied to questions from prosecutor Marta Durántez who received instructions from the former director of the RFEF or what put pressure on the soccer player's brother for the benefit of Rubiales; What he did admit was having approached Hermoso's brother on the plane returning from the oceanic country.

On the left, Jorge Vilda arriving at the National Court of Spain (Photo: Reuters)

The now former coach, after his official dismissal shortly after the incident, assured in court that did not witness the incident, but I did notice a change of atmosphere from the field to the plane, where the situation became more tense. That fact, added to the affection that he claimed to have for the soccer player, were the reasons he gave for approaching Hermoso's brother, according to what he said.

Before the magistrate, Vilda explained that what was told to the world champion's family member was that Perhaps the best thing would be for Jenni herself to go out in public to tell her version of the events. to try to “lower the soufflé” (calm tensions).

The sources present in the statement indicate that the Prosecutor's interrogation of Vilda was especially tensespecifically when he was asked to answer the questions more directly.

The 42-year-old from Madrid, who was dismissed on September 5spent two hours inside the court under investigation, this after Hermoso's brother assured at the end of September that he received pressure from Vilda after Rubiales' kiss.

Jorge Vilda during the Australia New Zealand 2023 Women's World Cup celebrations (Photo: Reuters)

Hermoso herself, in her first statement before the Prosecutor's Office, denounced coercion by Vilda himself, of whom she assured that “He was circling the plane” to talk to his family.

Before the lieutenant prosecutor, Marta Durántez, Hermoso declared: “They tell me that (Vilda) has been circling the plane twice to probably talk to my family. And well she (went) to the third, because my brother was asleep. They say it happened once, it happened another time, until she saw him awake and started talking to my brother. My partner Misa (Rodríguez) already told me there that Jorge was talking to my family.”

In addition to Vilda, the marketing director of the RFEFRubén Rivera, has also denied that he participated in the coercion investigated by the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 1Francisco de Jorge.

Rivera, who moved to Ibiza, where the players celebrated winning the World Cup, would have explained that their job was to convey the information from the RFEF to the footballers themselves. In his words, his presence on the island was that of a kind of “qualified messenger”.

Along these lines, Rivera maintained that he was there to help everyone present, carrying out tasks such as purchasing bikinis, summer clothes or tickets to clubs. Besides, He denied having spoken with Rubiales or that he gave him any type of indication.

The director of the RFEF He acknowledged approaching Hermoso only to warn him that they had called him so that the soccer player was phone pendant.

Rivera also explained that she spoke with a friend of the player for logistical reasons. In that conversation he tried to convince her friend to get Jenni to agree to talk to him. Director of the National Team, Albert Luquea conversation that never materialized.

On the left, Rubén Rivera arriving at the National Court of Spain (Photo: Reuters)

Regarding Luque's own presence on the island, Rivera maintained that he considered it normal as he was a Beautiful's friend. The same sources close to the trial also indicated that Rivera contributed to the court last Friday dozens of messages of the courier service WhatsApp that he would have exchanged with several players of the Spanish women's team.

The investigating judge took advantage of the statements of the two investigated parties to warn the parties that the leaks that have occurred within the case were going to be investigated and what they can be constituting a very serious crime.

(With information from Europa Press)

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