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THE former chief minister of the Institutional Security Office (GSI) of Brazil, Marco Edson Gonçalves Dias, appeared this Thursday before the parliamentary commission investigating the events of January 8, when Bolsonaro supporters invaded the Plaza de los Tres Poderes, in Brasilia, to prevent the swearing-in of President Luis Inázio Lula da Silva.


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Gonçalves Dias was in charge of the GSI. during the events that culminated in the invasion and destruction of the buildings of the Three Powers.

The official resigned from his position on April 19, after an international media released a video, unpublished until then, in which he was seen in the Planalto Palace (headquarters of the Executive) on January 8, during the riots. caused by followers of former president Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2023).

In the video you can see the former minister circulating among the coup plotters without appearing to be expelling them and also GSI officials interacting cordially with some of them, who had recently entered the facilities and were vandalizing them.

In a later interview, given to another media outlet, Dias said that he entered the Planalto Palace after the invasion to remove the criminals from the third and fourth floors.

Dias' appearance before the parliamentary committee was one of the most requested, mainly by members of the opposition. Senators and deputies consider his intervention essential to know what his participation was in the security of Planalto on January 8 and what measures the GSI took.

Despite the parliamentary investigation into his actions, Lula's former security guard and first head of the GSI denied having participated or omitted to participate in the events of January 8.

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