Former Honduran President JOH will be extradited Thursday to the US | News


The former president of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández will be extradited on Thursday morning to the United States, a country that accuses him of three charges associated with drug trafficking and use of weapons.


Supreme Court of Honduras signs extradition of former president JOH

The information was confirmed on Wednesday by the Honduran Security Minister, Ramón Sabillón, who indicated that his ministry will be in charge of executing the ex-president’s extradition order.

Sabillón added that Juan Orlando Hernández, who governed Honduras from 2014 to 2022, will be handed over to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) at the Hernán Acosta Mejía Air Base in Tegucigalpa.

Honduran Defense Minister José Zelaya said that the plane from which the former president will be extradited will arrive in the early hours of Thursday at the air base in the Honduran capital.

The Honduran Supreme Court ordered the delivery of Juan Orlando Hernández to the United States on April 13 after the resolution on his extradition was signed by the fifteen magistrates that make up the plenary session of the Supreme Court of Justice.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court ratified on April 8 the extradition of the former Honduran president, which the plenary session of the Supreme Court of Justice had confirmed on March 28.

The US indicts former President Hernández on charges of conspiracy to import a controlled substance into the United States.

The second charge is related to the use and possession of firearms, or aiding and abetting the use, possession and possession of machine guns and destructive devices.

The third indictment is for conspiracy to use or carry firearms, including machine guns and destructive devices, and conspiracy to import narcotics.

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