Former comptroller of Ecuador cited for alleged corruption | Multimedia


The National Court of Justice (CNJ) of Ecuador summoned to trial the former deputy comptroller Pablo Celi and 12 more defendants accused of crimes of corruption in relation to the Las Torres case, as reported by that judicial entity on Monday.


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For the process achieved by the magistrate Felipe Córdova, in addition to Celi, the former manager of the public company Petroecuador, Pablo Flores; and the former manager of Refining of the company itself, Mauricio Orellana.

In addition to the businessmen Pedro Saona, Andrés Luque, Ángelo Rodríguez and Álvaro Jorge de Guzmán; former Petroecuador official Natalia Cárdenas; and the brother of former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic José Agusto Briones Adolfo, Agusto Briones.

The preparatory hearing for the trial was resumed this Monday after she was arrested last December, in a case that began in April of last year.

At the time the judicial process began, Celi was placed in preventive detention in which he presented his resignation from the position of comptroller and was later censored by the Ecuadorian National Assembly.

For influencing organized crime, Celi and Flores can face sentences between seven and ten years in prison, while the rest could be behind bars between five and seven years.

According to the elements exposed by the accusing party, executives of the Government, specifically of the Comptroller General of the State and the General Secretariat of the Presidency, in collusion with public and private institutions in relation to the Petroecuador company, built a criminal network that allowed them to obtain proceeds from bribery dealings and collections; all this between the years 2017 and 2020.

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