Former Colombian presidential candidate indicted in the Odebrecht case | News

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The former presidential candidate of Colombia, Óscar Iván Zuluaga, will appear before the Prosecutor's Office at a hearing on charges related to the irregular financing of his campaign in 2014 by the Brazilian company Odebrecht.


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According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, Zuluaga will be charged with the crimes of falsifying a private document, procedural fraud and illicit enrichment, with which his son David will also be prosecuted.

According to local media, the defendant's defense indicated that the defendant would acknowledge responsibility, which would allow the sentence to be reduced by 50 percent and also would not have to go to trial. In addition, the politician would accept full blame in order to avoid any penalty against his eldest son.

For its part, the Prosecutor's Office reported that it would not request a custodial measure at first, but could later claim it as the case progresses.

The process was opened after the accusing body collected the probative material, including the audios published by national media, in which Zuluaga admits to having knowledge of Odebrecht's financing of his campaign.

However, the accusation is fundamentally based on the actions of the former candidate to hide such links by evading the data in this regard in the accounting balances delivered to the National Electoral Council.

The Prosecutor's Office highlighted that, between June and July 2014, the Brazilian transnational transferred 1.6 million dollars to the accounts of a company that Zuluaga had in Panama. All this, according to the entity, under the approval of his son, who was listed as campaign manager.

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