Former basketball coach sentenced for producing child sexual abuse material

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A former New Hampshire volunteer college basketball coach was sentenced Thursday to nearly 21 years in prison on charges of producing and possessing child sexual abuse material.

Joshua Pincoske appeared in federal court in Concord. He called her actions despicable and said he takes full responsibility for them, WMUR-TV reported.

Pincoske had pleaded guilty of the charges in May as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Five other related charges were dismissed as part of the agreement.

Pincoske, 48, has been in custody since he was arrested in February 2022 in Concord on related state charges. He was CEO of a printing and marketing company, and a volunteer assistant basketball coach for the men's program at Colby-Sawyer College in New London.

Prosecutors said Pincoske sexually exploited and abused seven girls over nearly five years. They were between 14 and 17 years old. He met one of the girls through a youth basketball program and the others online.

Pincoske's volunteer status at Colby-Sawyer College was terminated once after he was charged. The university said no complaints were filed against him during his time there.

"Pincoske sexually degraded these children for his own gratification, filmed and photographed the abuse of these children, distributed many of those images and videos to others, and even offered a victim to another man if he agreed to pay him money," prosecutors wrote in their memo. of sentence. They had asked for a 30-year sentence.

Pincoske's lawyers asked for a 20-year sentence, saying it is "comparable to the sentence imposed in some homicide cases" and said he had a difficult upbringing as a child.

He added: "Joshua Pincoske has already lost practically everything in his life: his wife, his children, his job and his friends."

Pincoske also agreed to plead guilty to state charges next month in Strafford and Merrimack counties.

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